Why we create great software on time at reasonable cost?



Code created by professionals developers that focus in functional and structural quality.


Our developers work in different time zones, so we work for you day and night .


Our company is located in Canada, so it is easy to cooperate with us.


At this moment we are a mid-sized company, that employs 15 people. This perfect size grants us flexibility in working on your projects. We can be fed with 4 pizzas!


As a Microsoft Partner, we specialize in .NET and WPF technologies. We also run projects based on Ionic and Angular2 as well. As expected, our developers are also very familiar with the classics: C++, Java EE and the PHP / Perl / Ruby scripting languages.



Communication is the cornerstone of good cooperation. We use Agile methodology to provide the best collaboration experience for our customers.

The Story of our company



Michal Rogozinski was a software developer by day and a freelancer by night. Having studied and worked at multiple places allowed for gaining knowledge and experience. Initially we were just a group of friends from university. Eventually Michal incorporated a company in Poland and formally hired the team. Because of the great results and strong work ethic, and some amazing people he met along the way, eventually he and the company moved to Canada. 


Our first year was similar to many start-ups. We share the same road. We brought expertise from multiple different backgrounds, and a lot of hard work. We established our place in the marketplace, figured out the tools and technologies, strengths and weaknesses and simply stayed the course. 


During working on one of our web projects, we identified significant obstacles… a technological iceberg that we were headed towards at a very fast pace. The project outgrew the capabilities of the web browser world at that time. Thanks to our friends at Microsoft we were proud to be one of the first companies to refactor a large and outdated ASP.NET project into a stunning WPF application. The risk taken was significant, and we were greatly supported by a team of Microsoft experts at Redmond, WA campus for a week. It took a few pizzas, gallons of coffee, but we got it! 


After a few years of working on different projects and involving new developers we are team of 15 people. Every year we deliver more and more projects. Learn new things about Software Development, Project and Product Management. We are part of communities, give presentations and above all both we and our customers are satisfied with the results of our efforts.

We believe in Agile


We have compiled a list of the questions we get asked often. To jump to the section you’re most interested in, simply click on one of the buttons directly below.

How much does it cost to create an application?

It always depends on many factors, like number of functionalities, technology or available tools and solutions. Contact us to get development estimation for your project.

How much time does it take to develop an application?

We work with our A.S Development Process, which allows us to predict the time needed to complete projects defined in Planning Phase and then deliver projects on time. If accurate estimate isn’t possible, we will let you know about risks involved and help come up with a plan to minimize them. Our process is transparent.

I have a perfect idea for my app! What should I do next?

You can contact us without any strings attached. It is possible to sign Non Disclosure Agreement, before you tell us about your idea.

What does it mean for our clients that we work using Agile methodology?

One of fundamental pillars of our A.S Development Process is transparent communication with the customers. The Agile methodology is one of ways to handle this more effectively in software development.

I'm working on getting funds for my idea. Can you help to estimate cost of development?

Yes, we have experience in helping startups come up with an estimate, which you can include in your Budget and Business Plan.

How do you charge for your work?

Our work is billed hourly. Before we start working on a project, we will estimate number of hours needed to complete it.

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