BCIC meeting in Kelowna


„Social Networking help reach people easier and quicker”

Bill Cosby

Following the advice of famous comedian, business should strongly rely on building relationships. Making appearances and networking at conferences is a great way of achieving that goal. Astra CEO, Michal Rogozinski attended a conference which was part of Regional Innovations Opportunity Tour organized by BCIC.

One of many interesting presenters was Norm Letnick, Agriculture Minister and MLA for Kelowna – Lake Country, who in his speech proved that being a public servant you need to heavily rely on technology, and that regardless of the industry (agriculture, transportation, tourism, etc.) the technology is there and investment in technology is a given, not a consideration.

Next, we could hear Andrew R – Program Strategist from Accelerate Okanagan, an organization supporting local start-ups. During his short talk, he presented the mission : “To give new and growing technology-driven business the mentorship, connections and community they need to thrive”. The most impressing news followed right after – Accelerate Okanagan currently invests 1.3 billion dollars in start-up companies in the Okanagan valley.

After that we could meet representatives of local companies who shared their knowledge regarding opportunities and challenges for companies from our region.

Right after the conference part we were able to start networking – a very valuable part of every business meeting of such kind. Thank you for everyone who found time and enjoyed chatting with Astra.Software. We’re looking forward to continuing those conversations in the near future!

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