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Venture Capital Funds provide much-needed funding for the most ambitious and capital-greedy startups.
Quite often, Venture Capital funds have the deepest pockets finance-wise. They combine the capital of both investors and banks. VC’s Board of Directors consists of experienced businessmen who by leveraging their knowledge and experience, qualify projects for VC’s support. Investopedia defines VC as:


Thus, as a software house dedicated to helping startups from the technical side, we are particularly interested in this activity. We are part of the same ecosystem funded by Venture Capitals. We follow the activity of many Canadian and International funds on social media for announcements, news and other types of interesting information that helps us be a better industrial partner.

Why is it important to follow VCs on social media?

For any person engaged or wanting to be a part of Canadian startup ecosystem, observing VC funds activity ought to be a crucial element of an ongoing education. That’s why in this article, we provide a list of Canadian VCs. Apart from that we also gathered a list of Twitter accounts, which you can find by clicking on this link. You can start following 22 Canadian VCs simply by subscribing to this list. site recommend you to reach a VC by making a warm introduction. “These days VCs expect founders to use their networks and get an introduction.”. If you take a look at the funds’ profiles,’s posts receive a great feedback and don’t lack in interest. This way of interacting could be a great starting point for a business relationship.

Today’s world needs people who can hustle and who are proactive. Focusing on linear solutions such as creating a business plan from a template is not sufficient and will not get you much traction.

How are Canadian VC’s doing?

Before we get to describing their profiles, it is important to mention Canadian VCs impressive condition. Despite the population being only 10% of the US, on per capita basis, we are right behind USA and Israel.

Great condition of Canadian VCs is a good reason to be up to date with their activity even if you’re aiming at the international market. That is, of course, if you want to be successful in the startup world!

It is worth to mention one more quote from

“According to a report by Reuters, while FinTechs may not be red hot in the U.S., in Canada, they are breathing new life into the startup market and have drawn in a new crop of venture capital funds in Canada that are looking for young FinTech companies.”


The genesis of this list

In the beginning, we checked all the companies from Canadian Venture Capital Privat Equity Association.

Next, we added refined results from Google. Surprisingly, many funds have dissolved, which also had to be confirmed. Another interesting fact is that many valuable VC don’t have social media presence (i.e. Extreme Venture Partners, whose presentation we quoted above).

Is this right? 



The industry as specialized as Venture Capital funds can solely depend on business contacts. A B2B company can make it OK without a website and a marketing department. Astra Software is a living proof of that too. That’s why if you have a connection or a potential relationship with a VC without online presence, it’s not a bad thing.

The goal of this collation is to present active Venture Capital funds available in Canada. Understandably, many funds from the USA are also present in our market, but we didn’t want them to dominate this list, especially if their Canadian presence is relatively a small part of their overall operation.


Social media presence of Canadian Venture Capitals

The CVCA – Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association – represents the majority of private capital companies in Canada.
This organization brings together the largest VC funds, organizes industry events and is active on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Part of a global fund that holds a branch in Canada “The weather is cold, but the market is hot with Canada”. They own dedicated profiles on Twitter, Facebook and have a global channel on YouTube.

Alberta-based VC fund. If you are interested in the local startup ecosystem and events, this is a must. They are present on Twitter and Facebook but actively use only the prior.

VC Fund from San Fransico with an office in Calgary, AB. Even though they have a Twitter and a LinkedIn account, they only actively use the latter.

One of the areas of Business Development Bank of Canada is Venture Capital. On Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin profiles (the largest of all companies on the list) you will find a lot of interesting information about funding innovation in Canada. All communication is conducted in English and French; even YouTube movies are recorded in two official Canadian languages.

Brightspark Ventures advertises itself as a fund other than the rest, allowing you to invest in individual projects in the early stages of development. The idea is accompanied by an excellent presence on many social media channels. Posts are adapted to the rules of the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin). We are eagerly waiting for more material on YouTube, as the company has a great educational potential.

Fundica is not a VC fund, but their purpose is to connect entrepreneurs with investors. Very active on Twitter, so keep track of them.

Green century investment – a fund mainly focused on environmental projects, but they don’t say no to projects from other sectors. They are a startup themselves. Present only on Facebook.

Igan partners – Toronto fund focused on Digital Health and B2B SaaS.
Present on Twitter and LinkedIn, but unfortunately inactive for several months.

Impression – a Toronto fund, which stands out by having a blog apart from the company account on Twitter, and a link to the Founder’s profile on their homepage.

Information – early stage venture capital investors in fintech and entreprise SaaS. Present and with a prolific twitter account.

Innovacorp helps entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia with their vision to make their ideas happen. They are active on several social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Inovia focuses on IT-related projects. Their offices are in Montreal QC , Toronto/Waterloo ON, Calgary AB, San Francisco CA and New York NY. They have Twitter profile and Facebook fanpage.

Istuary is a fund that links Canada, the US, and China. Their social media profiles (Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook) create unique content about these markets

NBIF is a private, not-for-profit corporation that invests in startup companies. They have Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin profiles.

Plaza ventures have been investing in real estate in the Toronto metropolitan area since 1980. By diversifying their investments, they have also started to operate in the technology market. Present only on Linkedin, but unfortunately have been inactive for several months now.

Pender is an independent, employee-owned, value-based investment manager located in Vancouver, B.C. You can follow them on Twitter and Linkedin.

Real Ventures – venture capital fund from Montreal. They highlight the involvement of the founders in companies well-being on their website. Active on Twitter.

Vanedge Capital is a Vancouver-based early-stage venture capital fund investing in technology inflection points in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cyber security, SaaS and digital media. On their profiles (TwitterFacebook and Linkedin) , they publish irregular information about the fund’s activities.

White star capital invests in early-stage companies to help them scale internationally. Located in NYC, but also in Canada and Europe. Also present on, where they gathered a large audience (1.3K) and on Twitter and Facebook.

Wellington Financial is a specialty finance firm with the head office in Toronto. Active on Twitter.

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